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The Masriera nymph explores the most magical side of the Art Nouveau universe. The iconic Masriera winged woman represents, in her sensual yet playful essence, the feminine yaerning for freedom.

Jewels made Art

MASRIERA is the only continuously produced Art Nouveau jewelry collection in the world.

The use of original proceedings makes each jewel an original piece of art.

From Barcelona

We are a symbol of Barcelona. The city witnessed the birth of MASRIERA, an ancient dynasty of jewellers and goldsmiths, a family strongly linked to the cultural and artistic life of Barcelona in 1839. The uniqueness of this birthplace and the artistic, cultural and historic currents had influenced MASRIERA, giving to the brand a specific and unique spirit.

Since 1839

MASRIERA is completely inseparable from the artistic life in Barcelona in the last decades of the 19th century. Our origin, linked to Lluís Masriera, essential artist of the Art Nouveau movement, is strongly manifested in our characteristic iconographies of strong Mediterranean inspiration, flowers, fairies, nymphs, water women … that magical fusion between women and nature.

Uniqueness as an obsession

We seek excellence in every design, every process and every material as a guarantee of the uniqueness of every jewel. Creations arise from the philosophy of pursuing perfection. MASRIERA is synonym of artistic jewelry both in content and in form, making quality our great commitment.

About Masriera

MASRIERA is the iconic brand of Art Nouveau jewelry. Handcrafted, delicate and exquisite jewelry that embodies the world of fantasy and colour of this artistic movement.

We are inspired by women from all over the world, lovers of design, style and trends who find, in our jewels, a way of integrating art into their own sensuality in an exercise of artistic expression and lifestyle.