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The infinite power of seduction: a gesture, a look, the air and a jewel that marks the sign of the time, the irresistible magic of the moment.

The awakening of the light and colour in the midst of nature can only be splendid. A unique moment, a dream that this collection makes come true.

The delicacy of an imminent desire hidden under the floral beauty of a dandelion. The light, the colours and the magic thtat become pieces of jewelry that endure beyond what the wind has blown.

The most sublime art is that of nature’s perfection. Flowers, their shapes and their radiant essence, displayed in a seductive collection of diamonds and rubies.

Abstraction and clean lines live side by side with the exoticness of the Egyptian iconography that fascinated this artistic movement. The past and future are merged with marvelous gems. Art Deco in its most pure state since 1925.

Love, passion, desire, attraction, strength, life, energy, warmth. The res, meticulously treated by our craftsmen usin fired enamel, becomes a colour as irresistible as this collection, bursting with the intensity of cornelian and rubies.

Nature’s beauty finds one of its maximum expressions in Dew Drops, a collection where delicacy and light come together as an artistic jewel.

Dragon and jewel, an unfathomable path of fantasy to a magic and exceptional experience where gold and gems become the perfect excuse for art.

A powerful collection which embodies our distinctive style and the power of nature. Discover our precious sapphires and warm gold and let them make you feel special

Diamonds symbolise, like no other precious stone, the concept of eternity and everlasting love. A promise, a wish for happiness and a collection to express love forever.

A universe of freshness, colour, harmony and movement. Flowers, a winged nymph and butterflies adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cultured pearls and the precious mystery of jade.

With the arrival of spring, nature is an outburst of emerald green, like the light of the precious stones

that iluminates the jewels of this collection. A birth of light and colour in the middle of nature that is transformed into a jewel made.

Imagined evocations of a fantastic world where the delicate hands of the craftsman lay emphasis on perfection: beautiful winged nymphs, voluptuous flowers and an exquisite fragile butterfly adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.

Joyful, vital, intense, romantic… A combination of shapes and tones filled with positive emotions and sensations intensely expressed by tourmalines, sapphires, amethysts, peridots, pearls and citrines.

Maternity, love, family, home. A symbolic evocation full of delicacy, of multi-coloured feathers and the fragile sweetness of the beauty of birds.

An idyllic world composed of flowers and beautiful landscapes, of nymphs in love with beauty and nature’s perfumes. A world of colours, magnificent hues, like those of pink and yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines and rhodolite garnets.

Nature surprises us with shapes, combinations of colours and scenes full of poetry. We recreate this magic withe fire enameled tones of greens, sky blues, pinks, violet, yellows and precious stones that impart light and motion.

New shades of fired enamel jewelry, which have emerged form the hands of the most highly skilled craftsmen to colour the geometric beauty of the wings of bats, delightfully decorated with diamonds. The light of the moon, white gold and diamonds illuminate the sky at night. The imagination takes flight beyond their limits.

Unique pieces of jewelry, outstanding for their beauty and magnificence, for their attention to detail and for the exquisite fusion of the forms with the precious stones. The expression of the most solemn splendour of the world of princesses.

These are jewels to enjoy. A secret place where dreams take flight among the blues and greens of the most beautiful gems and her eyes hide a secret, an enigma, and a desire.

Light, colour, happiness, celebration. The essence of springtime in a delightful collection where clover plays the leading role, accompanied by magnificent diamonds, rubies, sapphires, peridots and aquamarines.

Frolicking feelings, life begins a new and its pace becomes a flame with an intense, deep maroon colour. It’s the magical essence of a new time.

The violet colour of amethysts plays the leading role in this collection comprised of essential elements in the Art Nouveau universe of fantasy: sensual nymphs, suggestive flowers and lovely insects.

A journey through the garden of paradise that recreates this idyllic landscape in a unique piece of jewelry. Highly symbolic creations, painstakingly carefully adorned with diamonds and cultured pearls.

This elegant collection is the result of the love we feel for the marine nature and the exquisite balance between artistic beauty and Art Nouveau design. A collection full of details that create light and color. Under The Sea invites you to discover the underwater world and let yourself be carried away by the wealth of your beings, full of magic.

An exquisite homage to the flower of love: the rose. Intense red and Mediterranean blue. Passion and tranquillity. The rhythmic beat of a heart in love.