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Time of Flowers Collection

It is time to enjoy the magnificent sensory show that this time of the year offers to us. The explosion of colours and smells is in the air, and we can only return to enjoy the joy and wellbeing that its contemplation generates in us.
Masriera wants to fill you with flowers so that you can savour all year round the ephemeral pleasure of the floral burst.
Experience the time of flowers with us!

Masriera’s Art Nouveau rings are intricate works of art that have been passed down through generations, retaining their beauty and craftsmanship for over a century. The rings, as well as Masriera’s other unique Art Nouveau jewelery pieces, have been crafted in Barcelona, Spain, since the late 1800s and early 1900s, when the Art Nouveau movement was at its peak. These heirloom pieces have been enchanting people ever since with their timeless elegance and sophistication.

Founded in Barcelona in 1839 by a family of distinguished jewelers, Masriera has become a firm renowned for its exquisite designs incorporating Art Nouveau characteristics that are unique to this era of jewelry making. The company continues to produce award-winning handcrafted, delicate and exquisite jewelry based on Lluis Masriera’s original collection of 4000 drawings, while still revolutionizing the world of jewelry thanks to their technical innovation and the complexity of the production process.

By wearing a Masriera Art Nouveau ring, you join a legacy of exquisite craftsmanship that spans across more than a century of history – a truly remarkable feat. Each Masriera piece is an artful testament to one of the most celebrated movements in jewelry design, offering its own unique charm as well as being part of the collective story behind this iconic brand.

Discover our Art Nouveau Rings

Crafted with passion by master artisans who use traditional techniques to bring each piece to life, every Masriera ring is a reminder that beauty is ever present within us, no matter the season. From floral designs through intricate botanical elements like leaves and branches, to fairy-tale creatures and delicate butterflies, Masriera adds an unmistakable elegance and sophistication to every piece.

The painstaking attention to detail, featuring a variety of enameling techniques such as plique-à-jour and basse taille, complemented by an intricate combination of precious metals and opulent stones, results in truly magnificent creations.

Each of Masriera’s Art Nouveau rings are created from the finest materials – 18 karat white or yellow gold – and feature alluring diamonds or gemstones such as rubies, rose quartz and moonstones to add sparkle and shine. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered for maximum visual impact – from the intricate design through to the polished details of each individual stone.


Ring AN-404 Intimacy

The masterful craftsmanship and unmistakable designs of Masriera’s Art Nouveau rings make them sought-after collector’s items. From nature-inspired motifs to the classic styles, these exquisite works of art are truly a class of their own and will never fail to impress. Masriera breathes new life into tradition with its unique take on classic jewelry pieces, creating timeless originals that will delight the wearer and onlooker alike, for generations to come.

Breathtakingly elegant and timeless, an Art Nouveau ring from Masriera is sure to make a statement in any collection and add a touch of sophistication to a contemporary woman’s outfit. With their unique and delicate design, these rings will add a touch of sensuality and playfulness to any look, creating a refined and feminine feel. Their sensuous curves and intricate details, our Art Nouveau rings allow you to make a statement without being too over the top. If you’re looking for something with a touch of vintage charm and luxury that will bring out your inner glamor, then a Masriera Art Nouveau ring is the perfect choice.

Lake Dragonflies AN-299 Ring

Art Nouveau Rings Motifs

The hallmark of Masriera Art Nouveau rings are the nature-inspired motifs that are incorporated into each piece. These motifs consist of floral designs, such as rose and jasmine, botanical elements like leaves and branches, imaginary creatures like winged  Art Nouveau fairies and delicate nymphs, birds and butterflies, as well as art deco patterns and other nature-inspired imagery.

The iconic Masriera nymph, adorning many emblematic jewelry pieces across the Masriera range including our rings, explores the most magical side of the Art Nouveau universe. The Masriera winged woman represents, in her sensual yet playful essence, the feminine yearning for freedom. Our Nymphs are a pure incarnation of the mystical fusion of “woman and nature”, where floral gems and feminine sensuality merge at the core of Masriera’s artistic expression.


Masriera takes these nature-inspired designs to the next level by using intricate curved lines and stylized shapes to make each piece truly unique. The bold colors and ornamental patterns combined with the use of a variety of materials in their pieces – from precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires to enamels and gemstones – results in a distinctively luxurious look that is certain to awe and inspire. Each gemstone is carefully chosen by our artisans and transformed into a daring aesthetic dream with incredible attention to detail. The result is a timeless talisman that seeks to capture lightness and beauty in each design.

Our rings are part of our vast selection of Art Nouveau jewelry grouped into 26 themes. Prepare yourself to be mesmerized by magical ‘Attraction’ pieces and the dazzling beauty of diamonds and rubies that adorn our ‘Dangling Flowers’ collection. Our sleek Deco style gives a contemporary twist, while ‘Dew Drops’ offer an ethereal take on artistry. Feel like you have been transported into a magical realm with our eye-catching ‘Dragons’ jewelry line or delve into the vibrant violets of amethyst in ‘Mystery of the Garden’. Admire the idyllic world of “My Paradise” and let your imagination fly with our “Lovely Birds”. Finally transport yourself underwater with our exquisite ‘Under the Sea’ collection for an unforgettable experience!

Art Nouveau rings from Masriera remain as popular today as they did when they were first created over 100 years ago. Their exquisite designs are timeless works of art that capture nature’s beauty and showcase remarkable craftsmanship all at once while captivating the imagination and drawing you to the world of playful fairies, gentle nymphs and natural decor that inspired the most popular Art Nouveau ideals. Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or someone else; these rings make wonderful gifts that will be cherished forever.

Allow yourself to be immersed in a world of fantasy and discover something truly unique: an extraordinary piece that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Experience something exceptional with Masriera’s fusion of classic Art Nouveau motifs, intricate details and bold colors. Let your heart guide you to the design that speaks to you the most and make it yours! 

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Jewels made Art

MASRIERA is the only continuously produced Art Nouveau jewelry collection in the world.

The use of original proceedings makes each jewel an original piece of art.

From Barcelona

MASRIERA was founded in Barcelona. In 1839, the city witnessed the birth of this ancient dynasty of jewelers and goldsmiths.

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Our craftsmen use high quality materials and production processes to deliver to the highest quality standards.

Since 1839

The story of this emblematic brand began in the 19th century, when Lluis Masriera opened his first workshop in Barcelona.

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Every MASRIERA creation exudes craftsmanship, tradition, creativity, passion and exquisiteness.